Jamaican Activities at Yaaman Adventure Park

• On your Camel Trek Adventure, you will be amazed at the beauty of the countryside as well as how friendly, affectionate and cuddly these camels are.

A women riding a camel at Yaaman Adventure Kingdom in Jamaica
The guide of the culinary tour waiting for its group in Yaaman Adventure Kingdom

• Get ready to prepare your own "Jamaica Flare" that you'll enjoy while marveling at the Caribbean Sea from 1100 feet above sea level at our "Sea View" Kitchen!

• Enjoy modern technology as you explore the lush tropical backdrop of Jamaica on an eco-friendly personal transporter. You will embark on a fascinating adventure both on and off road.

A group of people starting the segway tour in Jamaica
Starting the jitney tour to see Jamaica

• Ride a tractor drawn open-air carriage and explore a 1,000 acre property, where you will see bananas, cassava, sugar cane, coffee, allspice and many other crops. See farmer Brown climb a 30 feet coconut tree.

• Wander through the spectacular Bird Aviary, where exotic and local birds fly overhead. This tropical paradise will take your breath away with it´s rustic charm and natural setting.

Birds eating from the hand of a person.
People having fun at the dune bugies.

• Are you ready to get dirty on your "Wet N'Dirty" adventure tour? It's a thrilling adrenaline-filled, and a must-do at YAAMAN Adventure Park!


Montego bay - grand cayman
yaaman adventure park
Dolphin Cove is the #1 attraction in Jamaica. With 4 dolphinariums in the main touristic sites, more than 700,000 guests have lived The Experience of a Lifetime with us, becoming environmental stewards and protectors of these marvelous Marine Mammals.
Now you can enjoy the swimming with dolphins experience and have a tour in Jamaica at Yaaman Adventure Kingdom
The Experience of a Lifetime!