All About Us at Yaaman

Immerse yourself in Jamaica’s natural wonders!

Yaaman Adventure Park is an agricultural property full of rich historic scenery—thanks to the distinguishing Jamaican weather—you can find bananas, cassava, sugarcane, coffee, allspice and several other crops homegrown inside these rich lands!

The island of Jamaica is recognized for its one-of-a-kind award-winning resorts, its pristine beaches, and delectable cuisine.

Escape your all inclusive resorts!

Get a front-row seat to explore our wonderful mother nature and all that it has to offer. Learn more about the essential elements of colorful history of the country and how it all came together—hear some of the most mind-blowing stories provided to you by your certified local guide.

Explore Sir Harold Mitchell's very own creation—Jamaica’s first hydroelectric power station with a spectacular view—. The Great House at Prospect, built in the early 18th century; fortified with loopholes against raids by privateers and buccaneers. With many things to do, Yaaman Adventure Park will expose you to the magnificent White River Gorge.

Prepare to fasten your seatbelt and get ready to explore 1000 acres of adrenaline-filled, pure, off-roading excitement on your very own mud buggy ride! Continue with our Symbolic host “Chef Irie” who will guide you through the preparations of your “First Jamaican Fare” as you learn to Cook Jamaican Jerk.

Live your dream being a dolphins Best friend with an amazing encounter

Live the Yaaman

There is an experience for every member of the family, a variety of activities to choose from, suited for all ages. Enjoy an open-aired carriage lift, and become an expert local chef. Hitch a ride on a camel and explore Yaaman Park ́s natural jewels, then seal your day off with a swim with dolphin experience program.

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Main activities

Mud Buggies or ATV’S

Get a dose of adrenaline in these accelerated vehicles for a completely madcap driving experience.

Swim with Dolphins

Enjoy the experience interacting with the most loved dolphins in Jamaica.

Cooking Tour

Learn about our secret ingredients and get ready to prepare your own “Jamaica Flare”.

Bird Aviary

Wander through the spectacular bird aviary, where exotic and local birds fly overhead.

Secret River

Explore this stunning river unknown to many with the essence of nature’s tropics as the perfect surrounding.

Jitney Ride

Ride through the vibrant trails as you admire nature at its finest!

All Activities

Indulge yourself in Jamaican nature:

  • Ride our tractor drawn oper-air through nature’s grandeur.
  • Enjoy the view of the magnificent White River.
  • Be witness to the 1000 acres of lush forestry and local crops.
  • Interact with friendly, affectionate, and cuddly Jamaican locals as you learn more about their fascinating culture.

This park offers you a combination of adventure but also education and relaxation, guaranteeing a memorable experience for all of our guests.

So next time you find yourself in Jamaica don’t forget to visit Yaaman Adventure Park where you will find all the fun things to do in one park!

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