Things to Do in Jamaica: Jitney Plantation Ride

Starting the jitney ride at Yaaman Adventure Kingdom
  • Ride a tractor drawn open-air carriage and explore a 1,000 acre property, where you will see bananas, cassava, sugar cane, coffee, allspice and many other crops. See farmer Brown climb a 30 feet coconut tree
  • YAAMAN Adventure Park boasts one of the most unique and captivating tours worldwide. Hear stories of the rich and colorful history of the Estate. Experience a variety of astonishing views of the Island and wander onto the veranda where you´ll be breathtaken by the spectacular panoramic view of the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea from 1,100 feet above sea level. Roam the beautiful gardens and stroll through our bird aviary
  • View the World's largest known collection of Tortoise Shell Combs -dating back to Henry Morgan's time- inside the Great House.
    Professional Guides
    Cash or credit card for photos and souvenirs.
    30 min

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